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Let Each Man Exercise The Art He Knows.

Welcome To Dida Tattoo Studio

Located in Chandigarh, Dida Tattoo Studio was opened in 2020 by Dimpy with a vision to minimize stereotypes of tattooing. Dida Tattoo Studio is a dream that has taken shape after the long dedication, time, and energy investment. 

The founder wanted to make arts his whole-time profession and take his passion to the next level. Here, we ink your body permanently with whatever kind of tattoo you want. We are a super-friendly piercing parlor too. Also, if you are looking to boost your career in tattoo, piercing; we are here to train you as well.

We provide colorful studio space that speaks to the love for tattoos. The soothing music, aromatic environment keep you engaged during the tattooing process. A relaxed and professional vibe, sleek leather seating, cleanliness, and positivity in the air make us unique.

We are known for our traditional, colorful, theme-based tattoos in the tri-city. Dida Tattoo Studio is booked by appointment only.