I believe the common trait among all tattoo artists is the delight that inscribing a tattoo gives. After completing higher secondary, I have joined Dida Tattoo Studio as an apprentice. Hailing from a small city of Uttarakhand to Chandigarh was a big decision for me. But all the hesitation of choosing the studio just blew away when I started working with Mr Dimpy. His uniqueness and creativity drive me completely. Now, just focused on realizing my dream an influential tattooist.

Dimpy HB

I am proud to be an art lover. My liking for drawing and painting has led me to start Dida Tattoo Studio. Being won a gold medal and 9+ awards in painting and drawing set the foundation of this dream. Though I have gained 6 years of experience in pharmaceutical sector, later on I took the leap to follow my passion. From being a pharmaceutical employee to becoming a tattoo learner, everything happened within a month. I am thankful to all the international artists whose seminars I attended. The knowledge gained is now accelerating my work.