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Our Services

Homey Custom Tattoo


We deliver homey custom tattoo and piercing services. We ink almost all types of tattoos, be it old school, new school, jaw-dropping nature designs to creatives in our one-of-its-kind studio. We do pierce as well. Our insanely gifted and full vaccinated tattoo artists show their experience, knowledge and creativity on your body. An industrial-inspired interior, completely hygienic and positive environment add up to your tattoo experience. 


Come get pierced. 

We want you to feel unique and beautiful. We take pride in delivering professional ear-piercing services in Chandigarh. We offer the best of the best. Our attentive aftercare and cleanliness help us deliver a superior piercing experience.


Not only piercing and tattoo lovers, but our doors are also open for learners. We share our skills with the students and train them to become artists. From making the digital blueprints of tattoos to inking them permanently we give training in all aspects. 

In addition, trainees can also learn the art of piercing different body parts with perfection from DIDA experts. Mastering every small step is the key to reaching perfection.