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We make artists!

Apart from inking customized tattoos and piercing the body, we also provide training in both skills. The sessions cover training from basic to advanced levels. Before tattoo making, there comes several steps to be mastered. For example, sketching, digital art, customization of sketches, understanding safety/hygiene standards, working on tuning machines, and fining the details.

Trainees will be trained on different types of needles, tattoo machines; traditional and latest. Our training sessions are described in detail below-

Tattoo Training

1. The Art and Science of Figure & Non-Figure Drawings
2. Exploring Texture, 3D Elements, Lights, and Shade
3. Perspective & Composition
3. Black and grey sketch and Color sketch Theory
4. Introduction to Various Art Forms
5. Identifying Your Art Form
6. Fundamentals of Digital Art
7. Intensive Drawing & Sketching Practice
8. Custom tattoo design
9. How to create custom Tattoo design in hand-drawn and digital art
10. Custom calligraphy and typography
1. History of Tattoo Art
2. Introduction to Tattoo Equipment
3. Hygiene & Safety Training
4. Learn Creating Precise & Detailed Tattoo Stencil
5. Lining & Shading and color packing Techniques
6. Tattoo Practice on Synthetic Skin
7. Real skin study
8. Tattoo on Real Skin
The duration of course training in tattoo designing is not fixed. It depends on the trainee in how much time, he/she learns the basics and advanced skills.

Piercing Training

BODY PIERCING is also an ability that needs learning and practice. We make body piercing professionals at Dida Tattoo Studio. The training schedule is given below-

Day 1

  • Introduction to piercing
  • Type of piercing (ear, face, navel, and others)
  • Understanding different piercing methods
  • Tools knowledge
  • Type of pieces of jewelry used for body piercing

Day 2

  • Understanding correct piercing points.
  • Correct marking of right entry and exit points of piercing
  • How to use a piercing needle
  • Practice on fake skin using a piercing needle and using a stud

Day 3

  • How to consult clients
  • How to prepare the piercing setup
  • Hygiene protocols General discussion and question-answer

Day 4

  • How to use piercing tools
  • Practical piercing sessions
  • How to pierce a different body part
  • Safe methods of piercing
  • Aftercare for piercing
  • General discussion to clear all doubts